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Off the break: Mid

Off the Break: Mid

Written by PSUGhost

            Front players are glory hogs, and back players get all the thanks for winning a game. In the classic breakout pictures it’s easy to assign someone “Front” or “Back” but the Mid’s are the players that get left out the most. It’s not that no one loves these guys, it’s that they are the floaters of the field. The ones who have to be both things at once. To get a better idea let’s look at it from the top: 

Walk the field: As with all positions knowing your field of play is very important. The difference is that you need to almost walk it twice. Once with your front players and once with the back players. You need to be able to fill in anyone’s position above or behind you should the body count go down. While still making your own impact in the game. So it pays to know what your other positions are thinking of doing, and what the next level of the plan is should something happen. 

Know your role and shut your..: Mid’s are really the all purpose player. Maybe you should shoot off the break with the backs, that way you have a better chance of taking out one of their players. Maybe that snake is REALLY important so your gonna need to double it up with one of the fronts. Or maybe your gonna have to do both. It’s important to know just what you need to do when. 

Keying: Sometimes you’ll need to key off the break just like the back players. Everything stays the same excepts for a few minor changes. More then likely you have some better legs then your backs, and you’ve got a much harder position to hit then they do. So when you make your keying your not aiming for the other teams runners like the back players are, your aiming for the other teams keyers. Yeah, taking out a front is nice, but imagine taking out a back center player off the break. To accomplish this take a few steps out. More then likely there will be a bunker offset from the center and at about the 20 or 30 or so that you can use as cover. Run so that it blocks you from the other team, but don’t go directly to the bunker. Simply turn and let them have it. Even if you don’t manage to get one of them, you’ll shorten their keying time and let your fronts make their moves. 

Make the move: Now that your behind that bunker simply make your way up to it casually. Your now probably at a good location for a mid player. Far enough back to help the fronts, and yet far enough forward to make moves.  

Communication Hub: Being in the middle of the communication network of backs and fronts makes you have a very important role. Resending missed information. When the firefights get thick you’ll be the only person able to hear the backs commands and the fronts replies. Pass on that information. It also pays to keep as accurate a heads count and positions count of the opposing side. There have been a number of times I’ve been so lost up front and had a mid come up to fill my spot and he’s told me everything I missed out on. 

Filling and supporting: Let’s say that front player got keyed off the break going to that important snake. Well you have two options. Give the opposing team full control of the snake and the game or fill that spot. DUH! First chance you get, move that pretty butt up to take over the role of front player. Then on all normal rules apply. Now what if your back center takes a lucky hit? You going to play without a back center? I think not. High tail it back there or you’re going to find yourself being bunkered in a not so fun 5 on 1. The second job of a mid is to support a stagnant game. There have been many times I’ve been doing battle with someone across the field and if I could get past them it would be game over, but if I move they will get me. So my mid slides up, and starts to trade off with my friend, while I go do his back center and him as well.  

            The mid is the all purpose filling player. Which means they need to be some of your most well rounded. Good snap shots, good communicators and planners, and just all around good paintballers. It’s recommended that they read the other articles on playing both front and back. Who knows. They could have to play that key location in order to keep you from losing a game. Better make sure your mids are up to the challenge.

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