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Written by PSUGhost

You are in that do or die spot. Someone just made the snake and you know if they live more then a few seconds more your team is sunk. It's time to do something daring, something desperate. Something completely's time for the BUNKERING!!!!

For many fronts (and a few backs) bunkerings bring the most joy out of a game, and their dang good fun to watch too. But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about "tooling fools".

Identify the Threat: By making any sort of Bukering run you have almost a 50% chance of not making it out alive. So you need to know that the person your going to take is worth the loss of yourself. Sometimes it's a key bunker, sometimes its a game breaking move, whatever your reasons, if it's important enough to risk yourself then get ready to go.

Running start: Face it, when you leave the happy bunker that is your home your in the free kill zone, and I bet you the otehr team isn't going to just let you waltz to their buddy and give him a reminder to the head. So get a good running start. A good suggestion is to actually back away from your bunker so that you get those extra 2 steps before your in the Kill Zone.

Identify: Where is your target looking? Most peple have a pattern or a dominate side. Notice this. When in doubt, go to your right side as 90% of the world is right handed. Look for clouds of gas, tips of barrels, even feet to tell you where your target is facing. Go the other seems like common sence, but I watch WAY too many Mutuals cause people just run into fire streams.

Code: Make sure your team has a code for bunkerings. At PSU we use "Lot 80", as it is a parking Lot that we all go to to meet before we play. It's a simple memory tag that you "Go to Lot 80", or you "Go to bunker somone". Screaming "Bunker the center 50" is not too suttle.

On the move: Lots of people say to do things like move when the wind blows, or to hold your pack. Personally unless your listening really well no one will pick up that stuff. Foot steps, or balls shaking in a pod. That is different. How so you ask? When you fill your pods sake them a little, reoppen them and drop in 3-4 more balls. This seals them in place and causes them to be silet. Also do not put back half filled pods. It's a dead give away even if you hold your pack. Also never shuffle your feet. Many people do so when they get nervous. It's a 100% notice for me to pop you in the googles. But moving with or without the wind is not going to cover someone shuffling their feet.

Wrap and Do them: Just how do you do the proper bunkering? Most people like to come straight at the bunker and wrap around it to tag the person in the back or pack. Some like a little distance between themselves and their target. While stillothers prefer to go over the top. Personally I like Sliding in on my knees as i get below their usual line of fire (if their in a stand up, the ost commonly bunkered position) and I'm ready to snap shoot the next guy. But a lot of it is what works for you. So be daring and try a few.

Clean up: What is the best bunkering move? The one you survive to keep playing with. So once your done tooling someone get back to cover, FAST. Best bet is his teamates will be itching to kill you. So you need to move like lighting behind something. It's a good idea to identify these secondary locations before you even make the run. You need to be thinking almost 2 steps ahead, so that when your done with your bunkering your already sending a stream at the next guy and have yourself well hidden.

Last words: The number one question is "When do I go?". This comes into trust and know-how. When my back player tells me to go "Lot 80 the right stand up" I am gone before he puts a period on the phrase. I know that even if I have to run througha stream of his paint there will be a gap and that I will have a safe run to my target. Also know what to listen for. If no balls are hitting your bunker, and nothing is flying by you. That means one thing. MOVE!!!! And keep moving till you start to get attention. If no one picks up on you, bunker them to remind them your here...then tool his buddies as well for getting sloppy.

In short a Bunkering is something that takes a good front player to pull off. Someone fast, silent, and has a brain half the size of a peanut. But if done right can force your opponent to lose a key location, and in the end win the game. and that's why we play isn't it?

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