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Playing the Snake

Playing the Snake

Written by PSUGhost

    The snake, the slimy, crawling thing that strikes fear into the hearts of women, children, and paintball players alike. The number of desperate calls that echo off the field of "He's in the snake, He's in the snake" are an illusive chant for survival...what makes the snake so feared And how do you become that feared thing?

The snake is prolly the hardest bunker to play on the field. You are blind, on your belly or back, can't talk, and can't see what is around the next turn. But played right it is the most powerful bunker on the field. The snake gives a player the ability to move across a good majority of field without being noticed. When he finally does pop out he has the entire other team at his mercy...and it's vicious. Here is the step by step:

Before the game: Walk the snake, from the snake there are a lot of blind shots (Where you shoot not seeing your target but knowing your shots are hitting where he will be standing), there are also a lot of places that give you good cover from part of the field, while leaving other parts open for your pickings. Also, find out what is at the end of the snake, and what bunker is the "Snake killer", almost every field has one bunker that can destroy anyone getting into that snake.

Off the break: If someone is going to that snake killer spot, stay away from the snake. Have your entire team focus on him, Get him out of there. Once he is gone it's a free ride in. I would suggest a dive to get in, just watch that you don't clog your barrel with grass.

Once in the snake: Make your way along the turns. You must be VERY observant that gun fire coming from the next turn in the snake? Is there a shadow of a figure? Is your back player screaming to you that the snake is hot? Once you have taken out your opposition it is your time to shine.

Coming out: NEVER, EVER, EVER come out of the same place twice. I have been known to make my way all the way back to the head of the snake before popping out again. If you come out of the the same place will die. Also, you are blind in the snake, so it is VERY important that your back player be giving you constant information on your next target. Treat it like he's calling in fire support. "Center lay down, coming out the right side...NOW" From there is it the backs job to lock everyone in while you send him a one way ticket to the dead box.

Get comfy: The snake is the most commonly bunkered position. Most teams want that snake clean, like prevent this you need two things. First is your own snake killer. He needs to watch out for people coming over the top to get you. This is also a very important reason to always change notches. Second you need to press your body as close to the wall of the snake as you can. Practice shooting with only one hand, and very important, practice shooting with only your off hand. When you get in there, and the paint starts to fly, you have very little time to get into a good position. You usually just play it as you a human pretzel.

SQUEEGEE!: The worst feeling in the world is being folded into a pretzel, being hammered to pieces and breaking a ball. Play a paintball video in slow potion of a pro going into a snake...see something interesting? He prolly has 4 squeegees on him. One in each pocket. The reasoning for this is that you can be in any position and still get yourself a swab.

Unfortunately it would take weeks worth of reading to know all the secrets of the snake. It is a very dangerous animal, both for you and against you. But in the right hands it is the best bunker on the field. Once again Practice, Practice, Practice. Play a day of nothing but doing the snake. Watch other players play the snake, and you too will one day be "A snake charmer"

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