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Closing a Game

Closing a Game

Written by PSUGhost

    So you went ahead, did everything the way you were supposed to and now have a serious advantage and even better, time left on the clock. Now it's down to those hair raising moments, the last few plays of the game that decides who walks away victorious, and who walks away to go clean their gear. But just how do you do it? Let's take a look:

Communicate: By this stage of the game everyone left on your team should know where every one of their players is. There is no reason not to when it's down to only about 2 people. But you still need to keep the communication going. Even more-so now then before. The only way you can lose a 3 on 1 and sometimes even a 2 on 1 is if you don't communicate. If you work as a team then their one guy left has to deal with 3 of you. If you don't then he's just playing a game of 1 on 1. So make sure you know what your teammates are doing so that you can adjust accordingly.

Move together: Let's think about this. They have one guy have 2. Logic would say that he can only shoot at one of you at a time. So move together. Get to opposite sides of his bunker and make your way down the field. Be sure to talk to let each other know who he is shooting at. No point in getting yourself eliminated if you don't have to.

The "V" and Pinch: As you head down the field shoot at his bunker from both sides. This will make a "V" of paint around his bunker, causing him to have to get tighter to his you move up the "V" gets shallower and he has less and less room to hide in, till he is either exposed, or is so tight that he can't return fire. Either way he is gone. But you have to do this at the same time as your teammate or he'll slip out from your grasp.

The Bunkering: Occasionally some guy will be good enough to have your team locked down and the clock running out. This is when you have to make a move. I usually start prepping to make a final move when about 1 minute is remaining. It may sound like a lot of time, but it's not. Before you go let your backs know your making the move, or better yet, as a back player, order the move. Let whoever is playing back send a stream of paint at your target, this is usually enough to get someone to tuck into their cover and concentrate more on how to get back out then the sounds around them. Plus the sound of the paint on their bunker will muffle your feet. Also remember to always fill your pods to the top, there should be no room for the paint to shake as you run. Move quickly and quietly.
Now the big question is "What side do I go around", well your eyes and ears are your best weapon. Watch for plumes of CO2 smoke, or for streams of paint coming out a side. Or check to see if the air bunker is leaning a certain way. These are all signs that will give away a players position. If you have no signs...then always go around the right side. 90% of the world is Right handed so they will most likely be looking out their right side (your left).

Keep running: If it's the last guy left you just tooled then keep running. By instinct they will fire back before they call themselves out. So if you stand there gloating over your kill you'll prolly get one right to the pills, or worse, get called out on a mutual. So make sure your well out of his line of fire before you do your little dance.

Alone on the front lines: Alright, your alone, the last one on your team, and to make it even worse, your a front. You've had your head in the bunker all day and you have no clue where anyone is. First, calm down. Second, look for clues that won't expose you. My favorite is when I play a field with amateur refs they will almost always stare at the player they are watching. So follow their eyes...Second, look for shadows, muzzle smoke or feet. Listen for shouts, gun firings, the works...use anything you can to get that information. Then prepare for the worst. Many people will try to simply bunker a front to end a game fast...well if your ready for them it's their mistake. Get back as far as you can from your bunker and go back on your knees, leaning back. It's uncomfortable but you now have a clean firing lane on both sides of your bunker. Someone comes to do you...well they won't be quite ready when they do see you, and that will be the last thing they see before their goggles go green. Then snap away at your second target, but keep your ears open for anything that might signify more of his friends coming to follow suit.

The hang: Some events say that if a dead man hangs the flag then the team does not get the points. If this is the case make sure to have one of your teammates look you over before you hang. Do a spin, let him check you out (as long as you have time). If you don't then get two players to hang the flag together. This way if one of you is declared "Hit" the other one will have still hung the flag. But don't lose points waiting around. If your really pressed for time, just hang the thing and figure it out later.

Finishing a game is one of the toughest things to do. Your tired, your low on paint and air, and your down on bodies. So keeping your head and keeping in constant communication with your teammates can give you that fighting edge you need to make sure you can offer your opponent a towel to remember the event by, while you go pick up your trophy.

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