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New Breath Website
July 14, 2011


Another new website!

Yes, that's right. I have launched yet another website. It is It is a website on breath and how to get rid of bad breath if you have it. I am pretty excited about it. Check it out. Later paintballers.

My new website
May 2, 2009

Online Instrument Tuners

Farewell - Go!

Hey everyone, I know I haven't updated this website for a while and I have very good reasons. #1 - paintball is a very competitive market right now, especially online. To stay in the game with this site I would have to be updating it constantly and I'm lazy so that is not an option #2 - I made a new website that is making me a lot more money. And that is what I want to talk about. It is - Online Instrument Tuners. Basically it is a site on how to tune stringed musical instruments. It's very handy. Musicians check it out. So this is the last update i will do on this Thanks for all the support I recieved and for the members we had. Sorry it came to this but we all knew this couldn't compete with Farewell brethren!

New Angel Speed
October 17, 2005

Palmer Pursuit Pictures

WDP Angel Speed 06

WDP just released their press release on their new marker, the Angel Speed 06! This new marker looks like great new marker with some nice new features and claiming 30+bps. With a a price tag of $899, this marker will definantly be a competitor in the high end paintball market. Read the full press release!

Palmer Markers!
August 20, 2005

Palmer Pursuit Pictures

PPS Custom Markers

We just got done adding about 100 pictures to our picture database! The new marker section we made is devoted to Palmer Pursuit Custom Markers. All you pepople who salivate over custom markers will love these. Check it out Here! We should also be adding a Spyder and Tippmann picture section in the next couple of days so stay in tune

New Air Bunkers from Extrme Rage
August 2 , 2005
Extreme Rage Inflatafield

Cheap Bunkers from Extreme Rage

Extreme Rage has recently produced a bunker system that is cheap an ideal for practicing and rec-ball. A whole kit with a repair kit only costs about $300. If you are looking for some bunkers for your team or just your buddies to mess around with, then you might want to check them out. Link to full press release.

WGP Black Magic 2005
July 16, 2005
WGP Black Magic 05

The New Black Magic

WGP has just released their newest marker, the WGP Black Magic 2005. WGP has completely done away with the back block, in this marker, and the cocking rod connects directly to the bolt. This should help lower the cycling mass quite a bit, which should reduce the marker's kick. See the pictures and read the full press-release here.
How paintballs are made
July 10, 2005
how paintballs are made

How paintballs are made

Have you ever wondered how paintballs are made? Well this article gives you the low down on this amazing process of how paintballs are made. The article also has a video in it, which shows you around the Diablo paintball plant. Check the article out here.
Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball MAX'D
May 17, 2005
Greg Hasting's MAX'D

New Greg Hasting's Game!

On May 17 2005 Activision WXP and Greg Hastings announced that Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball MAX'D will be available for current consoles and handheld platforms this fall. WXP will provide a sneak preview of some new gameplay features including the Breakout feature set at the 2005 E3 Expo. Read rest..
May 22, 2005
Improve your accuracy

New Strategy Articles

Thanks goes out to PSUGhost who wrote some awesome paintball strategy articles. The articles cover all of the positions and there are also articles for bunkering, snap shooting, etc. They are very informative and you can probably take something from them even if your a seasoned player. Here is a link to the paintball strategy section.

Anti-Siphon FAQ and Installation
March 26, 2005

Anti-Siphon FAQ

Anti-Siphon Tube FAQ

Learn about what an Anti-Siphon Tube is and how it works. Improve your consitency and effeciency by installing one to keep out unwanted co2 out of your gun. Also contains a guide for you if you want to make and install an anti-siphon tube in your co2 tank by yourself. Read the article here.


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